Trouble to hit enemy, more like issue with hitboxes

No exact error. More like trouble to hit enemy (hitboxes?)
Amx Mod X
ReHLDS version:
ReGameDLL version:
Версия Metamod
Metamod-r v1.3.0.131, API (5:13)
Список метамодулей
[ 1] SafeNameAndChat  RUN   -          v1.2 Beta 3      ini  ANY   ANY  
[ 2] Reunion RUN - v0.1.0.137 ini Start Never
[ 3] Revoice RUN - v0.1.0.34 ini Start Never
[ 4] ReAuthCheck RUN - v0.1.6 ini Start Never
[ 5] AMX Mod X RUN - v1.9.0.5271 ini Start ANY
[ 6] WHBlocker RUN - v1.5.697 ini Chlvl ANY
[ 7] Rechecker RUN - v2.7 ini Chlvl ANY
[ 8] ReSRDetector RUN - v0.1.0 ini Chlvl ANY
[ 9] HitBox Fix RUN - v1.1.4 ini Start ANY
[10] ReAPI RUN - v5.22.0.254-dev pl5 ANY Never
[11] FakeMeta RUN - v1.9.0.5271 pl5 ANY ANY
[12] MySQL RUN - v1.9.0.5271 pl5 ANY ANY
[13] CStrike RUN - v1.9.0.5271 pl5 ANY ANY
[14] ReAimDetector RUN - v0.2.2 pl5 ANY Never
Список плагинов
[  1] UNREAL ANTI-ESP         2.7         Karaulov          anti_esp.amxx    debug    
[ 2] FreshBans 1.4.8b kanagava fresh_bans_148- running
[ 3] ScreenMaker 1.1 neygomon running
[ 4] unknown unknown unknown trial_access_ad running
[ 5] Access Manager 1.0.0 mx?! AccessManager.a running
[ 6] Admin Commands AMXX Dev Team admincmd.amxx running
[ 7] Multi-Lingual System AMXX Dev Team running
[ 8] Players Menu 1.7 neugomon running
[ 9] Pause Plugins AMXX Dev Team pausecfg.amxx running
[ 10] Stats Configuration AMXX Dev Team statscfg.amxx running
[ 11] Restrict Weapons AMXX Dev Team restmenu.amxx running
[ 12] Unreal Spawn Fixer 1.1 karaulov spawnfix.amxx running
[ 13] Task Scheduler 0.2 JustinHoMi task_scheduler. running
[ 14] ReAimDetector API 0.2.2 ReHLDS Team reaimdetector.a running
[ 15] unknown unknown unknown gamename_wins.a running
[ 16] Custom Smoke 1.09 bionext custom_smoke_fp running
I've host Public server and Clan War server.
By the info above, you can see that I use just 16 plugins so server is not overhelmed at all:

Clanwar 12 slot is not ok. People yelling and screaming that something is off and they really hard hitting enemy. I've tested it myself and that's really true.
Public 32 slot is ok. Everything works perfect: No lag, no missfires -> 'where you shot, there bullet goes'

Both servers are on the same machine.
Machine specs:

Graphs are really low. I don't consume 10% of this host.

Could this difference be because of server slots?
That something is 'off' with rehlds defined by slots?
Maybe issue is with hitboxes on 12 slot server? How I can test hitboxes? Does some plugin exists?

I've moved server to 32 slots to see if there is a difference just to confirm myself if that is error.
Finished testing... It was about plugin spawnfix (Unreal Spawn Fixer).

I think it was because of semiclip which it has.
I've turned it off (not needed on cw server) and now everything is okay.
What do you mean?They have trouble working together?
No. I don't have error. Plugins work fine together.

At first, I turned off semiclip metamod module but players still could go one through another and I didn't know what causing issue. Also, players said they have a lot of troubles to hit enemy, like a bullet goes through enemy and doesn't hit him for real. They had troubles not just to kill but to hit enemy.
While on Public server, when it's full 32/32 with 105 plugins there were zero issues regarding hitting enemy.
Servers were indentical, I just removed pile of plugins and modules and decreased maxplayers, but I've kept Unreal Spawn Fixer without knowing that in itself it has programmed semiclip.

After I removed that plugin, players tested server, I've tested it and everything was just fine.

I remember times with semiclip plugins (not meta module semiclip) that people on other servers were saying the same thing regarding hitting enemy.
I don't know what would cause this glitch regarding amxx semiclip but it seems there is something, while metamod module works perfect.

So, from my experience, I would always recommend people to use metamod module semiclip (resemiclip), instead amxx plugin.

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