1. R

    amxx reapi Zeus x27 1.0

    Zeus x27 — электро-шоковый пистолет из Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  2. PurposeLess

    amxx reapi Zeus 1.0

    You can buy zeus if you say "/zeus". It is replaced with C4. If you have C4, you cannot buy zeus. And if you have zeus, you cannot take C4 from ground. You can give zeus or check if client has zeus or not in any weapon. There is "zeus.inc". It is enought to write #include <zeus and use commands.
  3. SergeyShorokhov

    wip Stab Stab Zap

    Пользователь wopox1337 разместил новый ресурс: Mode: Stab Stab Zap - Сражение на электрошокерах. Узнать больше об этом ресурсе...
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