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AMX Mod X 1.9.0

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  • Add stat constants in plugins
    • Add stat constants in plugins
    • Add missing include in dodstats.sma
    • Fix misplaced HIT_RIGHTLEG constant
  • Add get_playersnum_ex
    • Allow get_players to get the players num only
    • used empty brackets instead of zero
    • Add get_playersnum_ex stock to amxmisc.inc
    • Added missing empty brackets
    • Remove brackets from get_players
    • Fixed a typo in function description
    • Change letters to flags in get_playersnum_ex description
  • Sanitize load_amxscript() and add load_amxscript_ex/MF_LoadAmxScriptEx() requiring error max length
    • Add a saner version of load_amxscript and use SafeStrcpy/Sprintf
    • Reflect the change in core
    • Add LoadAmxScriptEx API function
    • Reflect the change in CSX
    • Reflect the change in DodX
    • Reflect the change in TFCX
    • Reflect the change in TSX
    • Add few comments
  • Update Fun module
    • Fun: Replace ENTINDEX with TypeConversion for consistency
    • Fun: Add a class wrapping player's data
    • Fun: Make TraceLine a post forward
    • Fun: Replace ENTINDEX with TypeConversion for consistency
    • Fun: Add a class wrapping player's data
    • Fun: Make TraceLine a post forward
      • Reason: as it is it breaks plugins hooking TraceLine because of the original game call is being superceded and other modules can't catch it. It looks like it's this way from the very start fun module has been introduced 13 years ago before. Fakemeta module comes a little later.
    • Fun: Clean up code
    • Fun: Toggle PlayerPreThink forward on demand
    • Fun: Toggle TraceLine forward on demand
    • Fun: Add HITZONE* constants for use with set/get_user_hitzone()
    • Fun: Refactor a litte the player class
    • Fun: Clean up a little more
    • Fun: Fix typo in set_user_hitzones from previous commit
  • Make the "body" param in get_user_aiming() optional
    • Make the body param optional
    • Add HIT_ constant note
  • Fix a windows compilation warning in socket module
  • Fix typo in fun include
* Add link to API reference​
* Update README.md​
* Update README.md​
* Hungarian language update​
The important parts have been updated* and the missing parts added according to my best knowledge.​
* admincmd.txr was UTF8 instead of UTF8 without BOM, I'm not sure it was a mistake or not.​
* Further Hungarian translation update​
Further grammar and typo fixes in Hungarian translation.​
SERVER_PROC - Unused in admincmd.sma and .txt too.​
* Fix a buffer issue in RegisterHam​
* AString classname as well​
* Update lang.inc​
* Update lang.inc​
* Update nvault.inc​
* Update nvault.inc​
  • Fix OnPluginsUnloaded not being called for reloadable modules.
    Modules are loaded before plugins, and can hook OnPluginsLoaded. Therefore, they should be unloaded AFTER plugins, and be able to hook OnPluginsUnloaded. This was not the case for reloadable modules.
    This affects nvault module, whose OnPluginsUnloaded function wasn't being called.
  • Comment MODULE_RELOAD_ON_MAP_CHANGE on modules that use USE_METAMOD
    Currently amxmodx doesn't reload modules that use metamod, so MODULE_RELOAD_ON_MAP_CHANGE being defined or not doesn't make any difference.Even though this commit currently doesn't change any behavior, amxmodx might in the future support reloading modules that use metamod, and all these modules in their current state either fail completely because of erroneous cleanup, or are untested (and most likely leak stuff).
    Furthermore, these changes make it clear that these modules are in fact not being reloaded.
  • Fix: fakemeta hook not being unregistered
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