BattleRoyale Mod

BattleRoyale Mod 2.9

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Совместимость с
Amx Mod X 1.8.2, Amx Mod X 1.9.0, Amx Mod X 1.10.0 dev
RU, EN, DE, CN, BG, ES, ,
Необходимые инклюды (Так же присутствуют в архиве):
Dhudmessage (Если версия amxx ниже 1.8.3)
VEN - for No Objectives
guipatinador - Got the top15 code from his Basic SkillPoints v2.0.2
DruX - For grenade prediction code
Igoreso - For Hud Customizer plugin
Jim - For round end blocker
Cheap_Suit - For Bullet Whizz

Totopizza - For making sounds, models and helped me testing
Kalipso22 - BETA Tester, RedZone code and Turkish translation
Th3 822 - Tested most of the 2.0 version on his server with 20+ players playing
Gamebanana - for the whole players models list and some knives.

xopoIIIuu - Russian translation
Rivotril - Spanish translation
Nutu_ - Romanian translation
Godofwar - German translation
Этот мод представляет собой смесь PUBG + Fortnite. Некоторые звуки и функции были позаимствованы из Fortnite - звуковые эффекты, импульсные гранаты и другое, а другие особенности из PUBG - экран смерти, красная зона, каски, кевлар и многое другое).

Если вы все еще не понимаете, что такое Battlegrounds, позвольте мне объяснить мод в основном:

  • Игроки начинают лететь по карте на самолете без каких-либо предметов/оружия.
  • Они могут прыгать, когда захотят, в любом месте, где захотят.
  • Приземлившись на землю, они должны сначала достать оружие, чтобы защититься от врагов.
  • Они могут найти оружие с разными раритетами. В зависимости от этого, они будут давать больше урона врагам.
  • Они также могут найти предметы, которые могут помочь им играть, такие как аптечка, кевлар и т. д.
  • Последний выживший выиграет, вы можете играть как соло, так и с некоторыми игроками на вашей стороне (дуэт, трио или отряд).

  1. Kevlar (protect from bullets)
  2. Helmet (protect from head shots)
  3. Medkit (players can heal their health)
  4. Impulse Grenade (It impulses the player)
  5. Bag (players can carry more items/weapons)
  6. Guspe (Players are teletransported to the highest point)
  7. Chug Jug (You receive full health + full kevlar)
  8. Wall (You can build a wall in front of you)
  9. Grappler (you can pull yourself towards objects)
  10. Jetpack (you guys know that)
  11. RPG (you guys know that)
  12. Glider (Gives you X extra parachutes)
  13. Slurp (Regenerates X hp)
  14. Launchpad (Impulse players upwards)
  15. Health Turret (creates a turret which gives health to players around it)

Items like Bag, Helmets and Kevlar have three types of levels (more powerful).
08/11/2018 - First release

08/14/2018 - v1.1

. Fixed tag mismatchs in some cvars.
. Added new natives:

PHP Code:
native isTeamMate(iAttacker, iVictim)
native isUserKnockedOut(id)
native isPlayerInDuo(id)
. Added a check for spec players don't appear on the duo's list.
. Added a check for see if the player's teammate is in spec, if so, turn the duo off.
. Fixed the airplane infinite sound bug.
. Fixed the wrong language on duo invite.
. Changed DMG_BLAST to DMG_HE in the impulse grenade.
. Fixed the AirDrop random crash.
. Changed some AirDrop checks.
. Fixed some hud positions.
. Added a menu for players be able to configure their custom map's points, use 'amx_weapons_origins' or 'amx_plane_origins'.
. Fixed an issue with players dropping over others players' head and dying due fall damage.
. Added 'pubg_weaponsmodels.ini' file to users be able to change the w_ models.
. Added a cfg files where users can manage all cvars.
. Removed some unecessary defines.
. Added new cvars: pubg_parachute_fallsped and pubg_impulsegrenade_impact.
. Fixed wrong language on MedKit.

08/19/2018 - v1.2
. Fixed the wrong weapon slot check on weapon touch.
. Removed iRandomNum, it was unecessary.
. Changed the items spawn format.
. Fixed the invalid weapon ID.
. Fixed the issue when more than 1 weapon was being created at the same point.
. Fixed RedZone compression time.
. Added pubg_redzone_wait_time cvar which changes the redzone delay time.
. RedZone safe zone improved.
. Fixed the changeWeaponName() position.
. Added a new way to pickup airdrop items
. Fixed the issue with airdrop when players were getting all items even if the bag limit is hit.

08/23/2018 - v1.3
. Removed some unecessary defines on PUBG_RedZone.
. Fixed the issue with the airdrop menu.
. Fixed the death sound.
. Fixed the safe zone format issue.
. Added Round End statistics.
. Added a new native: getUserWins(id)
. Fixed the issue with players dropping their bag but still with the same items ammount.
. Fixed the issue with players getting an item with lower level than currently using.
. Removed iArg on unknockMate() function, it was not necessary.
. Fixed AirDrop's Beam life.
. Added Fall Knock - players gets knocked by falling too.
. Added new cvars:

08/29/2018 - v1.4
. Fixed some formats in some functions.
. Fixed the airdrop beam's format.
. Fixed a log error with executeKill().
. Changed executeKill() macro to stock.
. Optimized and fixed some wrong formats on PUBG_WinStatistics.
. Changed some TASK_ defines values.
. Added a flag restriction to the plane_remove_time messagemode.
. Removed iDeaths from PUG_WinStatistics.
. Removed 'Eff' status on PUG_WinStatistics.
. Fixed the execute forward position.
. Fixed the 'you killed a teammate' message.
. Fixed the airdrop menu issue. It was not being destroyed after death.
. Changed sv_restart to sv_restartround, it was reseting the maptime and the maps never were not ending.
. Changed the airdrop menu distance format from prethink to a set_task.
. Reseted some IDS after killEntity().
. Changed the killEntity() from macro to stock.
. Fixed a random crash after the airdrop box's remove.
. Fixed the function name on PUBG_WinStatistics (it was wrong, and the plugin was not finding the function)
. Fixed the PUBG_WinStatistics win message.
. Added LANG_PLAYER in all messages instead of LANG_SERVER.
. Players in duo were being knocked out by falling from too high in the countdown, it has been fixed.
. Changed the pubg_airdrop_time from minutes to seconds format.
. Fixed the wrong info on the [ON]/[OFF] in the main menu.
. Added a check for see if the PUBG_Main is running, if not, the rest of the plugins are paused.
. The MOTD win is now showing for both of the winners.
. Fixed the missing damage_pain sound file.
. Fixed beam display.
. Changed nvault to fvault.
. Knocked players were able to use the medkit and pickup some itens, besides see what's inside the airdrop, it's fixed.
. Added a new sound on PUBG_RedZone that plays when the compression is being stoped.
. Added more hit sounds for players that are outside the red zone.
. Fixed a log with the Ham_TakeDamage.
. Added a top15 command to see who are the top15 players with most wins.
. Added a ScreenFade effect for players that are outside the red zone
. The say_team chat is now only for duos.

09/10/2018 - v1.5
. Fixed the wrong win message on Russian Language
. Removed 'pubg_airdrop_beam_color' and 'pubg_airdrop_beam_intensity' cvars due the new airdrop's "announcement".
. Removed the beam and added a red smoke instead on the airdrop.
. Added a condition for display the "You are knocked" only when there's nobody unknocking you.
. Players can fast open their bag by pressing T (AKA impulse 201)
. Players can talk with their teammates by pressing F (AKA impulse 100)
. Fixed an issue with the PUBG_WinStatistics motd display.
. Removed the stock Sqr(). It was not being used.
. Updated the plane directions limit. Now you can add as much directions as you want.
. Fixed the "unknock" feature issue.
. Added a .ini to users be able to change the default weapon's display name.
. Added a message to show how many players are in the plane.
. Removed 'getWeaponName()' stock.
. Added a stock to get the map's higher point for the safe zone.
. Fixed a wrong helmet ID display on the SERVER_HELMET_TOOK_OFF message.
. Added a new item: Guspe

Guspe teleports the player to the highest map's point
If the user's teammate is near him, he'll be teletransported as well

Usage: Press G with the Knife in hands.
. Added an use info when someone has picked up the Medkit and the new item (Guspe).
. Changed the helmet damage divider:

Each helmet, now, has it's damage divider, instead of always 3.
The formula I've added is: (helmetlevel + 1), Example:

If I've got a helmet with level 1, then it'll divide the damage by 2.
If I've got a helmet with level 2, then it'll divide the damage by 3.
If I've got a helmet with level 3, then it'll divide the damage by 4.
09/24/2018 - v1.6
. Fixed the 'Duo talk' feature.
. Fixed some random crashs with NULL Link.
. I've forgot to add the guspe drop on dropItems(). It's been fixed.
. Added the 'Guspe' to the bag menu. (I've forgot too)
. Increased the player distance to follow his mate's guspe.
. The plugin was being paused if there was no point for the plane. So, the owners weren't able to add the new points. It's been fixed.
. Fixed a bug that sometimes knocked players's health weren't being take.
. Added a test-command for owners be able to give items instead of search them.
. Added a command for owners be able to see all avaliable items and their ids
. Fixed the scope type check on giveWeapons() stock.
. Fixed the issue with random players getting duo-chat messages from players that aren't his mate.
. Organized the .inc file.
. Added a sound when the airdrop touches the ground.
. Added PUBG_Compass plugin which shows the direction that the player is looking at (Plugin by Kalipso22).
. Added the guspe usage description.
. Fixed the medkit and guspe description message.
. Added a sound When the airdrop appears.
. The airdrop distance check was closing all player's menus. It's fixed.
. Removed the 'E' button sound.
. Added a sound on the message 'You have not any duo'.
. Fixed the lost position.
. Fixed the medkit full health message when the player is using the parachute.
. Changed the GetMaxHeightByStartOrigin() to GetMaxHeightWithoutStartOrigin() and fixed an issue with wrong forms on the safe zone.
. Increased the equiped hud time.
. Player that's using the guspe receives the FL_FROZEN flag.
. Added a condition to show the message when an admin gives an item to another player.
. Added two sounds: When you're helping your friend up and when you unknock him.
. User's taks was not being removed at the spawn. It's fixed.
. Organized the download, a folder's name was 'sounds'. It must be 'sound'.
. The guspe was bugging when the player was under the water, it's fixed.
. Fixed a random bug with the airdrop menu.
. Fixed the whole mod's language: Now every single player can use their own language.
. Changed all .mp3 sounds to .wav format (Big thanks to totopizza).
. Changed some sounds to emit_sound() format.
. Changed some old sounds to new ones.
. Fixed the guspe distance check.
. Fixed the Helmet lv 1 and 2 models. They were spawning in the air. (model's fault, fixed by totopizza).
OBS: Replace both models.

. Removed the heartbeat sound when you're knocked out.
. Removed the duo's damage blood.
. Organized all sounds.


  • Added 'Knocked Down' sound.
  • Added 'Critical hit sound.
  • Added 'Inside' and 'Got Out' the Redzone sound.
  • Added Bullet Whizz like fortnite.
  • Added 'Parachute Land' sound.
  • Added 'Critical Kill' sound.
  • Added 'Teammate Drop' sound.
  • Added 'AirDrop landing' sound.
  • Added 'Guspe Use Alert' sound.
  • Added 'Parachute Open' sound.
10/07/2018 - v1.7
. Changed the lost position format.
. The Knocked players were able to use the Guspe. It's fixed.
. Fixed some issues with Critical Hit sound and Critical Kill sound.
. Removed a symbol that was causing invalid file reading.
. Fixed the client disconnect feature, I was using the 1.8.3 format, so some 1.8.2 servers didn't detect clients disconnect.
. Fixed the getRedZoneLevel() check on AirDrop.
. Fixed the Critical Kill sound.
. Fixed a log in the ham_PlayerKilled_Pre function.
. Added new sounds
  • Added a new Transporter Sound.
  • Added a 'Radio Alert' sound, that players to alert some important info (for now, just the allow drop feature only)
  • Added a a new Locked sound.
. All player's menu was being removed in the death, its fixed.
. Some maps have armor entities, when a player picked 'em up and opens the bag, it shows Armor lv. 0. It's fixed.
. The lost position is now displayed for the teammate too.
. Changed the "lobby" countdown style.
. Forgot to add the translation on the KNIFE display, fixed now.
. When the a player has been knocked out by falling and his mate gets killed, he don't gets eliminated, it's fixed.
. The grenade prediction plugin has been optimized.
. Added Players Models like fortnite (model's name changeable with a .ini file)
. Removed enemy/friend names when you're aiming at them.
. The Compass has been optimized and the logs has been fixed too.
. Added 'Armor Hit' sound.
. Added a delay to play hit sounds.
. Damage pain is now with emit_sound().
. The '+USE' button has been blocked during the countdown (for safe).
. Added a message over the health hud to show how many players is spectating you.
. Added Weapon Floating and Spining (code by GHW_Chronic, just made it work with the mod).
OBS: It can be turned off with a cvar.
. Fixed the bag limit check.
. Added a new item to the airdrop - Bag Lv. 3.
. When the redzone hits lv. 6, it stops compressing, it's fixed now.
. Fixed some sound's quality.
. The players that were using the Guspe in under any build were getting stuck. It's fixed now and the highest point is take correctly.
. Players are now able to use the Guspe under the water.
. Added a new impulse grenade sound.
. Added a new way to explode the impulse grenade.
. The 'Alarm Sound' is now fixed.
. If there's no plane vecs, players do not gets invencible.
. Fixed the 'finalized' kill count.

10/22/2018 - v1.8
. Fixed the +USE block in the countdown.
. Added a new item: Miracle (You can revive your teammate from the death).
. Dead mates were able to tell an enemy positions to their alive duo. It's fixed.
. When a mate were unknocking his duo and gets killed, the unknock effect was not being removed. It's fixed.
. A check to see if the highest point is valid has been added.
. The unknocking feature now stops if the player moves.
. Changed some items models:


  • Impulse grenade
  • Guspe
  • All bag models
  • AirDrop box

. Removed the airdrop sprite due the new skin.
. The invisibility is now turned off only 1 second after the plane's drop.
. Changed the whole airdrop system:
  • The plane model and sound has been removed.
  • The airdrop now is supply box (like fortnite)
  • It picks a random origin to spawn the supply box.
  • It takes more time to touch on the ground
. The redzone was killing and creating more walls when it stops compressing. Now, it just stops and continue to walk instead of killing/spawning new ones.
. Changed haveDuoLeft to getTeamsLeft and fixed the position hud.
. The whole mod's code to show kill features and messages has been re-written and messages like Finally killed, Finalized and Killed has been fixed..
. Added Fortnite Players Models.
. Added a sound when you mate get out the duo.
. Added a sound when someone do not accept your duo request.

11/12/2018 - v1.9
. When someone is "Eliminated", the lost position hud was appearing for everyone. It's fixed.
. The end of the NULL LINK!!!
. Changed the medkit model.
. Added new items to the supply box: Guspe and Miracle.
. The items of the supply box is now randomly.
. The supply box that appears when a player uses the miracle has now less itens than before.
. The redzone takes more damage now.
. Removed the left-corner hud info.
. Removed some pistols from the mod: Glock18, Usp and P228. Remaining just Deagle, Five-Seven and Dual Elites.
. Added the bag's status on the bag menu.
. The guspe model is now smaller than before.
. Added new item: CHUG JUG.
. Changed the entites spawn system: Now it creates 40 weapons and 20 itens per round.
. Added an option to say thanks to the bus's driver (just for fun). Press E while in the bus.
. If the player switchs the weapon while using Chug Jug/Medkit, the healing stops.
. If the player shoots while helping their mate's up, the unknock stops.
. Players now needs to hold the E button instead of just press once to unknock their duos.
. Now the invitation must be accepted in the countdown.
. You can only get out the duo while in the countdown.
. If a player disconnects, it still says eliminated message or kill count (if the player is knocked out).
. GetMaxHeightWithoutStartOrigin() is now only called once.
. The guspe is now played with spk instead of emit_sound().
. Added 'pubg_spectating_count_admins'. With this cvar disabled, when an admin is spectating a player, it does not count on the "Spectating you: X" message.
. The button to change the weapon's scope is now changed to 'C' button.
. Players now only gets knife when they hit the ground.
. Added 'X is spectating you.' message and a cvar called 'pubg_show_spectating_message' to manage it.
. Removed 'pubg_impulsegrenade_impact' cvar.
. The supplybox was too big, it's smaller now.
. When there was more than 1 supply box, the old one gets bugged. It's fixed.
. Knocked player receives less damage than normally.
. Added a new forward:
PHP Code:
client_KnockedOut(iAttacker, iVictim, iWeaponID)
. Added a new test command.
. Sometimes the duo was not being respawned when players were using the miracle item. It's fixed.
. Fixed the wrong lost position calculation value.
. Fixed YOUR TEAM PLACED translation.
. Removed mate distance info and added a new sprite over his head.
. Renamed all natives.
. Knocked players can not use +USE button.
. Spectators can hear the spectating player effect sounds too.
. Added two new natives:
PHP Code:
native pubg_set_user_victories(id, iNum)
// To give: pubg_set_user_wins(id, pubg_get_user_wins(id) + 50)
// To take: pubg_set_user_wins(id, pubg_get_user_wins(id) - 50)
// To set: pubg_set_user_wins(id, 50)

native pubg_is_in_countdown()
11/15/2018 - v1.9.5
. It now prints how many medkits you have on the bag menu.
. When a player that's using a car gets knocked out, the car stop moving.
. Added a '#1 VICTORY ROYALE sprite' and removed the motd for winners.
. Removed the old wins sounds and added a new sound like fortnite.
. Added a new native:

PHP Code:
native pubg_get_mate_id(id)
11/15/2018 - v2.0

. When the player disconnects, his knocked teammate gets finalized.
. Added new cvars:
// How many players is needed to start to create duos.

// How many players is needed to start to create threesomes.

// How many players is needed to start to create squads.

// The health that players gets when they're unknocked out.

// Show the damage given to the attacker

// How many seconds a player needs to wait to open the supply box

// Block Kill command on console

// Max players in a team

// Max supply boxes per round

// The name of the bot in the Terrorist team

// The name of the bot in the Counter-Terrorist team

// The damage multiplier of GREY weapons

// The damage multiplier of GREEN weapons

// The damage multiplier of BLUE weapons

// The damage multiplier of PURPLE weapons

// The damage multiplier of GOLD weapons

// How many items the user can carry without a bag

// How many items the user can carry with a bag level 1

// How many items the user can carry with a bag level 2

// How many items the user can carry with a bag level 3

// How many head hits the level1 helmet can take.

// How many head hits the level2 helmet can take.

// How many head hits the level3 helmet can take.

// Show teammates messages for spectating admins.

// The flag/s needed to be able to see the teammate messages

// Impulse impulses weapons and items too

// Set weapons rarities
. The command 'kill' is no longer avaliable (controlable by a cvar).
. A check to see if the mate's origin is valid to follow the guspe item has been added.
. The supplybox is now solid.
. Added Damage Hud Messages.
. When players were using the guspe while driving the car, they were getting bugged. It's fixed now.
. When a player were pressing G without any weapon in hands, kevlar and scope were being created. It's fixed now.
. Fixed an issue with using guspe while driving.
. Fixed wrong message with chug jug pickup feature.
. Added 'Squad' feature.
. Players now hear a sound when they say thanks to the driver.
. Removed the Miracle item due the squad feature.
. Added a sound when your teammate has send you a message.
. Turned the guspe sound to emit_sound().
. Changed some channels on some emit_sound().
. Fixed Helmet Damage calculator with players that isn't in the same team.
. Changed the supplybox opening system: Now players needs to press E on it to get all it's items.
. Chest has been added. (Check pubg_chest_points.ini to manage where the chests will be spawned in the map)

Some users were getting issues when trying to install their own points. So i'll explain how to:

1. Go to addons/amxmodx/configs/pubg_mod/pubg_vectors
2. Create a folder with the map's name you want to play on
3. Now, use one of the three commands to register your points
4. Done

. If knocked players are moving, they lost more HP.
. Removed some weapons from the mod.
. Turned back with the usp in the mod.
. Removed the elongated comb and both scopes.
. Changed the values of the kevlars: Lv1 = 50 kevlar, Lv2 = 75 kevlar, Lv3 = 100 kevlar.
. If knocked players dies in the redzone, the mod wasn't counting the real killer. Now it's fixed.
. Added new natives:

pubg_get_players_left_in_team(iTeam, bool:bCheckAlive)
pubg_origin_inside_redzone(Float:fOriginX, Float:fOriginY)
pubg_set_user_team(id, iNewTeam, bool:bSetTeammatesToo)
. Fixed the impulse grenade explosion sound sync when it explodes in the air.
. Fixed an issue with knocked players still using cars.
. Added a new sound in the redzone plugin.
. Turned back with round end sounds, but only dead players can hear it (winners still with the same effect).
. Now some of the huds of the redzone plugin appears just for some seconds.

. Removed the 'X KILLS' hud on the right corner.
. Changed the Compass Plugin.
. The compression countdown now gets smaller after some levels.
. The supplybox landing sound is now looped.
. If players were using their last medkit and drop it, they were still using medkit, it's fixed now.
. The killer stole the kill if the victim is knocked and his knocker is dead.
. Radio sounds on the begining of the round are now blocked.
. Added some map's points for support owners:


. Now the sv_restartround of the mod doesn't reset the mp_timelimit.
. Added two sounds: When players are opening and when they opens the supply box.
. Removed 'pubg_airdrop_grenades' unecessary cvar.
. Sometimes servers was crashing due the format for pickup a point to spawn the supplybox, it's fixed now.
. Added PUNCH Skin to the mod.
. Now the PUBG_RedZone puts an icon depending of what's happening with the zone.
. Added support for vehicle kill (Thanks to Th3 822).
. Fixed an issue with players getting knocked while using the guspe.
. Added a screenfade when a player is unknocked out.
. Some checks added to the mod.
. Players don't spawn if they join late instead of killing them after spawn post.
. Changed some stopsound to emit_sound() with SND_STOP flag.
. Changed some stocks to macros.
. Changed the supply land sound and added a 'far impact sound' effect.
. Changed the laser color of the GrenadePrediction plugin.
. Added a delay for open the parachute (more realistic and also, fixed a glitch with that new system).
. Players can now pick the items/weapons up by pressing E on them.
. Players now just need to press E button once to open/close the parachute.
. Players gets a red glow when they get knocked out.
. Added weapon rarities which gives/take damage from the weapon depending of it's glow.
. The 'Thanks to the driver' appears when players jump from the bus.
. Changed the isValidOrigin() stock.
. The beam that follows the player when he gets impulsed by the grenade or the trail effect gets killed when player touch the ground.
. Removed 'amx_my_position' command.
. The respawnAirDrop() task is removed if the condition before creating the supply is true.
. Now players with team can only spectate their killer/their teammates while the team still alive.
. Fixed some wrong directions calculed by the Grenade prediction.
. The player's parachute wasn't being removed when the player hits a ladder, it's fixed now.
. Sometimes players were getting stuck with each other due SOLID_ code. It's fixed now.
. Admins with a flag access (controlable by a cvar), can see what messages players are sending to teammates while spectating 'em.
. Removed the planeRemoveTime messagemode and added a formula that automatically calculates how many seconds the bus will be removed.
. Now the Impulse Grenade impulses weapons and items too (controlable by a cvar).
. Instead of reseting the round when the user join on the server, now it restarts when the player join in a team.
. Added a new option to users know they can change the mod's language.
. Now the 'Z' key opens the Main Menu.
. Changed all hud positions of the Red Zone plugin.
. Changed the Team voice KEY = Now it's the 'C'.
. Changed the BAG Key = Now it's the 'X'.
. Fixed the issue when landing on the 'bridge' on the big_city2 map (Thank you to Th3 822).
. When you have the same level of a dropped armor/helmet but you need to change it because yours is damaged, you could not due the level check, now you can pick a better item even if it's the same level by checking the current life item that you're currently using.
. Now the helmet saves how many shots it have been taken.
. Changed the whole entities spawn format (code completely done by Th3 822).
. Changed the touch format (code completely done by Th3 822).
. Changed the kill format (code completely done by Th3 822).
. Added a message that says which key the user can use to team-talk only.
. Added a new forward: pubg_unknockedOut(iHelper, iVictim).
. When you use the guspe over the teammate's head, both got stuck in the air, it's fixed now.
. Fixed the "You're safe" effect when creating the safe zone.

Th3 822 - Without him, the mod would be posted in months.
Totopizza - Some codes was made by him too. Same as Chest model.

02/28/2019 - v2.1

- Fixes

  • The teammate hud was getting bugged when the first person of the list gets knocked out.
  • When a knocked player falls and die, the message that was displaying was wrong.
  • Fixed the grenades pickup issue.
  • Fixed some kill messages.
  • Players were using the medkit while driving the car.
  • When you use the medkit and change to the chug jug, you still use the medkit (and vice-versa).
  • Sometimes the hud that shows the damage was wrong.
  • Fixed an issue with invite menus.

- Changed

  • Changed the chest volume. It was too loud and players couldn't hear the rest of the gameplay.
  • Changed the 'You placed' message.
  • Changed some channels on some sounds.
  • Removed the MAX_NAME_LENGTH define.
  • Now the check to see if the player has a team is on the menu instead in the handler. Same as the isTeammate check.
  • Now the gravity of the supply box returns to normal when it touches the ground.
  • Now you have a change to get 2 medkits from chests.
  • Now the chance to find X item on chest is changed:

- Chug Jug is now 16%.
  • M249 is now 30%.
  • Medkit is now 25%.
  • Guspe is now 25%.
  • Helmet is now 25%.
  • Bag is now 20%.
  • Kevlar is now 33%.
  • Now you can get items with level 2 instead of only 3 items (50/50).
  • Instead of adding a random chance to all avaliable items, now it only creates X items per chest.
  • Helmet and Armor item doesn't count on the bag anymore.
  • Changed the medkit sound + time.
  • Now the parachute automatically opens (bus-drop only, player can control if he used the guspe) - controlable via cvar.
OBS: I added that new style because players were dropping in the begining and with strafe, could go anywhere, making the flying feature on the bus useless.

  • Removed an useless code on the preThink.
  • Changed all admin commands from amx_ tag to pubnite_ tag. Also, changed from clcmd to concmd.
  • Instead of using C to talk with teammate, you can use the C button to change the channel (hear everyone, team only or you mute everybody)
  • Removed iHeadHits.
  • Changed (fVecVelocity[2] + 40.0) to (fVecVelocity[2] + 150.0) in the parachute code (avoiding suicides due low fps).
  • Changed the parachute fallsped to -250.0
  • Removed pev_avelocity in impulseEntity.
  • Removed the bag check on helmet and armor items.
  • Changed the right top corner.
- Changed the whole MOD's prefixes to pubnite_ and some commands name as well.
- Removed the 'This weapon cannot be dropped' message.
- Changed the main Menu options.
- Now you need to use the KNIFE to use the MEDKIT.

- New features

  • Added more statistics on /top15_wins.
  • Now the rank command shows more statistics.
  • Now leaders (who started the duo/squad) can kick which player he wants to.
  • Added a new forwards:
~ pubnite_TeamEliminated(iTeamID)
~ pubnite_roundStarted(iPlayersNum, iSoloNum, iTeamNum)

  • Added a new native: pubnite_teamsLeft(iCheckSoloPlayers).
  • Instead of a plugin that don't let the mp_timelimit reset, added a plugin which makes a votemap after X rounds (controlable by a cvar).
  • Now the frags are updated in some kill cases. Like 'finalized' feature.
  • Now the player loses the parachute when gets knocked while using it.
  • Added new cvars:

// How many rounds until votemap starts

// The countdown value until the votemap menu shows up.

// Mininum number of players to start the votemap.

// How many seconds to end the votemap

// The wall LIFE

// How much health it'll take every second from the wall

// Set glow color to the wall depending of it's health

// How many items the chest is avaliable to create

// Controls how players will use the parachute
// [0 = automatically open | 1 = Press E to open/close]
  • Added a new item: Wall = When players press both MOUSE1 + MOUSE2 with the knife in hands, it creates a solid wall that blocks all shots (It takes X seconds to be auto-removed).
  • When players are impulsed and die due the fall damage, the impulser will get kill count.
  • Now chests can give weapons too (the rarity is between GREEN and GOLD).
  • Added a function that automatically unstuck all players depending of the situation.
  • Now you can turn off some features of the mod.

03/23/2019 - v2.2

- Changes

  • Added another option on the menu
  • The rtv value is now half of the number of players.
  • Now the wall item is removed by it's task instead of the owner's task.
- Now you need to use KNIFE in hands to unknock a teammate.
  • The 'X gave you Y item' only appears if the player is avaliable to receive the item.
  • Some minor changes.
  • Added getItemLevelByID() stock.
  • Now the Kevlar's armor type is CS_ARMOR_KEVLAR instead of CS_ARMOR_VESTHELM
- Changed the countdown sound effect.

- Fixes

  • The body that appears when the player join too late is removed.
  • When more than one wall was being created, some of them were getting killed too fast.
  • Sometimes (extremely rare) the redzone does not get created.
  • Fixed the wall takedamage feature.
  • The headshot calculation damage was wrong
  • Fixed the 'pubnite_give_item' command calculations.
  • Fixed an issue with the automatic parachute open feature.
  • Players were killing their teammates with vehicles and were receiving kill count.

- New Features

- Added a new native: pubnite_get_command() which gives all mod's commands info.

04/21/2019 - v2.3

- Fixes

  • Fixed the kevlar level that drops from the chest.
  • Fixed some issues with the PUBNite_VoteMap plugin.
  • Fixed the armor type after using the Chug Jug.
  • Fixed an issue when the user uses the Guspe and get knocked out.
  • Fixed the scores reseting after the round end restart (only visually).
  • Fixed the top15 command inside the PUBNite_Main.
  • Fixed some issues with some shots and vehicles could go through the wall item.
  • Fixed the kevlar and helmet life check when you find another one.
  • Fixed the Supply Box gravity when it lands.

- New features

  • Added a sound when you change the voice channel.
  • Added a code that makes the skydive sound emit from the player.
  • Added an ability to let the owners create their own items. The whole API (check pubnite_mod):

PHP Code:
forward pubnite_customitem_created(iEntityID, iCustomItemID)
forward pubnite_customitem_pickedup(iPlayer, iEntityID, iCustomItemID)
forward pubnite_customitem_dropped(iPlayer, iCustomItemID)
forward pubnite_player_busdrop(iPlayer)
forward pubnite_player_land(iPlayer)

native pubnite_is_customitem(iCustomItemID)
native pubnite_has_customitem(id, iCustomItemID)
native pubnite_get_randomitem(&iParamItemID, &iParamItemRarity, szParamItemModel[MAX_MODEL_LENGTH])
native pubnite_get_customitem_num()
native pubnite_get_customitem_id(iCustomItem, &iCustomItemID)
native pubnite_get_customitem(iCustomItem, &iCustomItemID, szCustomItemName[MAX_PLAYERS])
native pubnite_register_customitem(szCustomItemName[MAX_PLAYERS], szCustomItemModel[MAX_MODEL_LENGTH], iCustomItemRarity, szCustomItemFunc[MAX_PLAYERS])
native pubnite_customitemid_by_name(szCustomItemName[MAX_PLAYERS])
native pubnite_customitem_rarity_by_id(iCustomItemID)
05/05/2019 - v2.4

- New features

  • Now you don't kill yourself with vehicle.
  • Now you can change the blood color (pubnite_blood_color cvar).
  • Now you can get customized items either from chest or supply box too.
  • Now you can add life to your customized item.
- Added a new item: Grappler.
- Added new commands:
~ pubnite_get_teams - prints all teams + players name.
~ pubnite_make_teams - automatically makes everyone team up with another player(s).
~ pubnite_set_wins - give/take victories for/from a player.
~ pubnite_set_user_team - set an user to another team
~ pubnite_reset_teams - reset a player/everyone's team.
~ pubnite_spawn_weapon - spawns a determined weapon with determined rarity.
  • Added the emergency-parachute to players that used the guspe since some of 'em die by suicide without knowing that you need to control it.
  • Added new natives:
PHP Code:
/** Return a customized item life by it's ID
* @iCustomItemID the customized item ID
native pubnite_get_customitem_life(iCustomItemID)

/** Return a customized item position on the array
* @iCustomItemID the customized item ID
native pubnite_find_customitem_which(iCustomItemID)

/** Creates a customized item
* @iCustomItemID the customized item ID
* @iCustomItemLife the customized item life
* @iId the id to get the origin
native pubnite_create_customitem(iCustomItemID, iCustomItemLife, iId)

/** Creates a weapon with basic data
* @iWeaponID the weapon ID
* @iWeaponRarity the weapon rarity
* @iId the id to get the origin
* NOTE: If iId is a player and he's dead, the mode will set random velocity automatically
* as example: death.
native pubnite_create_weapon(iWeaponID, iWeaponRarity, iId)
- Changes

  • Made a modificiation on pubnite_teamsLeft() native.
  • Made a modification on the pubnite_register_customitem() native (due the life feature).
  • Changed pubnite_get_randomitem to pubnite_get_customitem_data(), check file for more details.
  • Changed the way to check if the custom item id passed on the native exists inside the dynamic array.
  • Added a new parameter on pubnite_customitem_pickedup() forward (due the life feature).
  • Now the damage display will only appear if the weapon used is registered on the mod.
  • Instead of setting a task for each chest created for re-emit the sound, turned it universally.
  • Changed the format to precache models inside the precacheModel() stock.

- Fixes

  • The helmet lv 1 wasn't giving kevlar life to the user.
  • When the user uses the medkit after started using the chug jug, it wasn't stopping the chug jug sound (or vice-versa)
  • Sometime the skydive sound wasn't getting stopped when the user gets killed in the air.
  • Added a code that gives the kill count for the player that did the most damage to the victim that died by suicide or inside the redzone.
  • When the knocked player disconnects, the knocker was not getting the kill count.
  • When the chug jug/medkit is being used, players were able to open the supply/chest.
  • Forgot to add the bag check when picking up a customized item.
  • Fixed an issue with the russian language when opening the motd.
  • When the player changes the nick, the top15 wasn't being updated.

05/28/2019 - v2.5

- New features

- Added new items:
  • Jetpack ~ you guys know that
  • RPG ~ you guys know that
  • Glider - Gives you X extra parachutes
  • Slurp - Regenerates X hp.
  • Launchpad - Impulse players upwards.
  • Added a code that gets the weapon id of the killer inside the Ham_Killed forward (support for custom kills).
  • Added a new forward: pubnite_noregistered_weapon()
  • Added a new natives:
PHP Code:
native pubnite_force_knockout(iVictim, iAttacker)
native pubnite_able_to_knockout(iVictim)
native pubnite_set_user_parachute(id, bool:bSetParachute, bool:bDeployParachute = false)
native pubnite_get_user_parachute(id)
native pubnite_has_round_ended()
native pubnite_reset_team_array()
native pubnite_change_customitem_life(iCustomItemID, iNewLifeValue)
native pubnite_change_customitem_rarity(iCustomItemID, iNewRarityValue)
native pubnite_get_user_vbucks(id)
native pubnite_set_user_vbucks(id, iVBucksValue)
  • Added a @all parameter in pubnite_set_wins and pubnite_give_item commands.
  • Added a code which prints the hud damage when the damage was given by an entity with pev_owner value.
  • Added ALL weapon names support.
  • Added a code which prevents points that made the supply box get stuck in the air.
  • Added a new option on the Configurations menu: 3D Camera.
  • Added VBucks system.

- Fixes

  • Players were able to drop a custom item on the new round by saving the 'drop' page.
  • Players were able to pickup customized items while knocked out.
  • Fixed some codes format.
  • Knocked players were able to follow the teammate who used the guspe.
  • Fixed some formats inside the PUBNite_CustomItens plugin.
  • The spec num message didn't get removed when there are no players watching you anymore.
  • Fixed the 'pubnite_make_teams' command.
  • Fixed the whole lang file (used

- Changes

  • Clamped the set_task value for spawn entities with MIN_SPAWNS_PER_ROUND.
  • Changed the format to check if the weapon is registered.
  • Changed the wall spawn feature from prethink to cmdstart.
  • Now players need to take 70% of the victim health to receive the kill count when the victim kills himself.
  • After the player's suicide, the most damager will only get the kill count if the death have been done X seconds before the death.

Observation about Jetpack and RPG item: Both are funny items, but in combo they're too overpowered, so I've limited it - you can only use one of them.

06/13/2019 - v2.6

- New features

- Now the players can get vbucks by finalizing enemies too.
- Added 'Thanos' model in players skin shop (a friend gave it to me, guess he got it from a server so I cannot give the credits to the official author).
  • Added a plugin which limits vehicles for X seconds (some players weren't even using weapons, just running over enemies with vehicles the whole round). It's optional, you can remove it whenever you want.
  • Added a code which allows admins to reset the wins/vbucks value from/of a player.
  • Added a new command: pubnite_get_weapons_list which returns all registered weapons on the mod.
  • Added new natives:
PHP Code:
native pubnite_reset_wins()
native pubnite_reset_vbucks()
native pubnite_is_weapon_registered(iWeaponID)
- Added VBucks TOP15.

- Changes

  • Changed the grappler model (don't know the official creator, so I cannot give the correct credit).
  • Increased the chest value to 20 per round.
  • Added a new format to the pubnite_set_user_wins() native, which using the '3' value as parameter at iWinType, ALL wins types will be changed.
  • Now players can pickup two flashbangs.

- Fixes

  • New cvars have been added in the pubnite_cvars.cfg
  • Fixed the RPG kill displayment.
  • Fixed the grappler issue when pressing both firing buttons at once.
  • Fixed the sound spam when the user touch the grappler's entity.
  • Removed both Grappler and RPG default fire sounds.
  • Sometimes random beam lines were appearing on the round.
  • Fixed the pubnite_reset_teams command.
  • Fixed the pubnite_set_user_team native.
  • Depending of the height, the wall entity was being spawned in the air.
  • The players could shoot players through the wall item (beta format).

07/27/2019 - v2.6

- New features

  • Added donate system for vbucks.
  • Now you guys can see how the model looks like before buy it.
  • Added a new forward: pubnite_customitem_used().
  • Now customized itens can be used using the bag menu.
  • Added Croatian languages by Zekonjaaa.
  • Added Shop option on the main menu.
  • Added the deploy animation on the grappler.
- Added a new item: Health Turret.
  • Added a new native: pubnite_customitemname_by_id().
  • Now a message that prints if you already have the customized item.
  • Added support for 10 more maps (points sent by Zekonjaaa.)

- Changes

  • Some natives' names were too long, made it smaller.
  • Changed the Compass plugin.
  • Changed the code that spawn entities X units ahead. Also, it's inside the include now.
  • The isValidOrigin stock is inside the include.
  • Changed the way to check if the user can open the glider.
  • Fixed the headshot damage using helmets.
- Changed the grappler system and also all sounds.

- Fixes

  • Fixed the 3d camera option menu.
  • Fixed an index out of bounds log inside the PUBNite_Votemap plugin.
  • Fixed an issue with the votemap plugin when there were too many registered maps.
  • Fixed an issue with the code that gives the kill award to the most damager.

09/04/2019 - v2.8

- New features

  • Now the mp_autoteambalance does not affect the bots.
  • Added a new cvar: pubnite_grappler_distance.
  • Now the PUBNite_Votemap has another format to start the vote using 'timeleft' format just as the default votemap plugin.
- Now when the redzone level is 3 or more, it changes the safe area to another place just like fortnite storm does, MAKING THE REDZONE MOVE BACKWARDS.

- Changes

  • Now the airdrop gets invisible when it's trying to find another place to spawn after it get a invalid point.
  • Changed the way to save players' score after the sv_restart.
  • Changed the way to detect the smoke grenade throw.
  • Changed the format of the message displayment for admins (message from teams).
  • Removed and changed some messages from the MOD.
  • Removed some unecessary codes from some plugins.
  • Now the hud customize's code is smaller and it was transfered to the PUBNite_Main plugin, same as PUBNite_NoScoreReset's code.

- Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the format to check if there's enough players to continue with all formed teams.
  • Fixed an issue when players automatically picks the RPG up after touching it with a weapon in hands already.
  • Fixed an issue with the supply box when the map's sky is not high enough.

10/30/2019 - v2.9

- New features

  • Now players can use shotguns as secondary weapon.
  • Added backweapons plugin, edited a some things to make it work together with the MOD.

- Changes

- Now weapons can be spawned by using their names as well (not only the ID).

- Fixes

  • Admins couldn't spawn the AK47 weapon using the pubnite_spawn_command, it's fixed now.
  • Players were stopping the Air Drop opening sound by hitting it, it's fixed.
  • Fixed the code that makes the airdrop blast.
  • Fixed an issue with players automatically picking the Grappler up after touching it (with a pistol in hands already).
say /pub_menu - Главное меню
say /pubnite_rank - Команда для просмотра количества своих побед
say /squad - Команда для открытия списка игроков для создания игры в команде
say /team_off - Команда для выхода и игры в команде
say /bag - Команда для открытия сумки
say /top15_wins - Команда для открытия TOP15 игроков по победам
say /top15_vbucks - Команда для открытия TOP15 игркоов по количеству vbucks
say /kmodels - Команда для открытия магазина ножей
say /pmodels - Команда для открытия магазина моделей игроков
say /give_vbucks - Команда для передачи vbucks другим игрокам
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